Green Witch Gardens - Michigan's Largest Bonsai Nursery

Our greenhouse is full of tropical pre-bonsai and bonsai. Outdoors we have all our hardy pre-bonsai and bonsai in our beautiful display sales garden. Our inventory has something for every budget  - from starter plants to magnificent specimens.

We carry everything you need from tools, tool kits, aluminum wire in all gauges, Chinese and Japanese pots of all sizes, and mud men. Additionally, we have several Michigan potters that make bonsai pots exclusively for our store, including Tom Phardell of Ann Arbor, MI and Mark Hanner of Stone Garden Pottery. Come stroll through our greenhouse or take a walk through our outdoor bonsai sales garden and enjoy the beauty of bonsai.



Green Witch Garden's 2024 Show Schedule



(missing dates will be updated as we figure them out)


To See More Bonsai During Your Visit

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6214 Monroe Rd, Tipton Mi 49287
28.1 miles west of The Flower Market

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1800 N. Dixboro Rd. Ann Arbor Mi 48105
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