Bonsai & Kusamono Pots

We carry a variety of bonsai & kusamono pots, from plastic training pots to large, locally made stoneware. 


Below are our regularly featured bonsai pot artists and some examples of their work. Most pottery from these artists is stoneware, which is good to leave outdoors through all seasons.

Ann Arbor artist Tom Phardel creates a ton of beautiful bonsai pots for us each year. Most are larger, 14"+ pots.

Pot Punching Potters, out of Wyandotte, MI, supplies us with a lot of shohin sized pots each year. They use a lot of different glazes and do a large variety of styles. Most pots range from 6"-12".

Stone Garden Pottery, located in Otisville, MI, makes unique styles of bonsai and kusamono pots with interesting and beautiful glazes. Many are very shallow, like the one on the left. 

Linda Ippel is a ceramicist out of Grand Rapids, MI. Each year, we try to get a few pots from her to keep our collection going. 

Katie Whitehouse is a ceramicist out of Ypsilanti, MI. She specializes in tiny pots! These can be used for kusamono, or we like using them for little cacti or succulents.

Ancient Art Bonsai is located in Columbus, OH. We carry a small collection of mame sized and kusamono pots in the store.



We carry a large variety of indoor and outdoor, glazed and unglazed production pots from China and Japan.




We carry an assortment of plastic training pots for small to medium trees, forest plantings, and cascade style bonsai. Please call or email us for availability. You can purchase a selection of these pots online HERE.